Дизайн имеет значение

For people who desire ultimate design and top quality, a unique Reynaers handle series is created, called Purity. This series combines next-generation material and mechanical properties with the superior Italian design abilities of designer Leo De Carlo, who previously worked in the studios of Philippe Starck. De Carlo studied both Reynaers’ culture and recent project successes to capture the essence of his observations in the PuRity design, resulting in a timeless, minimal and rational design.

The Purity handles are available in three standard colours (Sapphire Black, Moonlight White and Lithium), while five more colours are available on demand (Or, Obsidian, Polaris, Eclipse and Belgian Chocolate). But Purity is much more than just a great design. The combination of the material and its surface treatment makes the handles non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable.


The range of the Shield handles not only express safety and strength by the robust and reliable design, but this series also complies with burglar resistance classes 2 & 3. The handles are available in unpolished, natural anodized colour.


Orchid is a beautiful and elegant handle type. This series is characterized by a curved shaped design that radiates in its simplicity. The handles are very reliable and cost-efficient, making them suitable for any window or door system. Orchid handles are available in white, black or anodized colours.

Современный стиль

The Horizon handle is characterised by the modern and contemporary appearance. The horizontal details give the handle a very special and unique look. Its sleek design makes it the perfect combination for any window or door system. Horizon handles can either be anodized, or powder coated in one of our 400+ RAL-colours.