Глоток свежего воздуха

Ventalis is an innovative and controllable ventilation system with a self-regulating airflow that can seamlessly be integrated in your windows or sliding doors. This modular system ensures both efficiency and an aesthetic design, allowing hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. The patented self-regulating units automatically open and close the air inlet when wind pressure increases or decreases, keeping the incoming airflow constant. What’s more, the Ventalis system is easily adjustable in 5 different positions, allowing users to easily adjust the ventilation degree.

The Ventalis system is installed at the top of the window or sliding door in the so-called ‘dry rooms’. They can be built in different configurations, depending on the aesthetics or the required airflow, to comply with the applicable regulations. Ventalis can be integrated with a wide range of Reynaers systems: Eco System, CS 68, CS 77, CP 130 and CP 155.

Защита от насекомых

Mosquito is a wire screen system, mounted on to a window, door or sliding door, which keeps out insects with a minimal interference of the view outside. The insect screen concept allows the windows, doors or sliding doors to be opened or closed without taking out the system. For the sliding insect screen, the rail is situated above or at the bottom of the door, assuring optimal comfort.

Obviously, the Mosquito system is compatible with all Reynaers window, door and sliding door systems as well as systems from other system suppliers, even non aluminium windows like wood and PVC.

Гарантированная безопасность

Ensured safety

Reynaers Balustrade 10 is an elegant balustrade system, which guarantees optimum levels of safety. It has been tested in renowned test centres according to the most stringent European standards.

This system is available in three styles: Functional, Ellipse or Softline — this way your balustrade matches your style perfectly. Besides the traditional set-up of a balustrade, RB 10 also provides a very aesthetical way of incorporating panels, like multilayered glass, plexiglas or acrylic sheets allowing a multitude of design variants.